3 Ways to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party

My daughter LOVES Spider-Man!  You won’t find her without her stuffed Spider-Man doll.  Heaven help us if we ever lose him!  For her 2nd birthday party she wanted a Spidey cake, and she was Spidey-Girl for Halloween last year.  So, it was no surprise when she asked for Spider-Man again this year for her 4th birthday party.  We had so much fun that I wanted to share with you my 3 ways to have an amazing Spider-Man birthday party!

3 Ways to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party


3 Ways to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Part

   1. Make the cupcakes super fun!

Now, you will need the proper tools!  I used my cake decorating kit, to include disposable decorating bags, waxed paper, and candy meltsTIP: To keep the actual birthday from being so stressful, I highly recommend making the decorations the day before and keeping them in the refrigerator.

  1. Melt your black candy melts as directed on the bag.
  2. Using a decorating bag and the #2 tip from your decorating kit draw the spider webs onto the waxed paper. TIP: I drew my designs onto plane paper which I placed behind the waxed paper to trace.                                   TIP #2: Make more than you need because some will inevitably break!
  3. Melt your red candy melts as directed on the bag and repeat the above step for the spiders.

NOTE: My daughter wanted purple 4’s on some of her cakes because she was turning 4 and she loves purple.  You can use whatever colors you like and get as creative as you like!

4. Make icing and store for the following day as well.

The Very Best Buttercream Icing!

4 cups powdered sugar

2 teaspoons clear vanilla extract (if you want to keep your icing white)

1 cup of shortening (if you plan to color your icing you can use butter)

1 Tablespoon milk (more if needed)

Mix, cover and refrigerate! NOTE: I would mix it again just before using.

5. Time to assemble! Again my daughter wanted the base icing to be purple so I added the purple food coloring to my icing then used my #10 tip from my decorating kit to pipe the icing on the cupcakes.  I then gently laid the webs on,  added a dab of icing to the center of the web and laid either the spider or the number 4 on top.  Wallah! You’re done!

3 Ways to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party

   2. Make a fun spider web

This was very easy to do!  It took me one roll of black streamers and some scotch tape.  I first taped the lines vertically from the ceiling to the light above the dining room table then I taped the lines horizontally, giving them a little slack to give that curved effect.  Add some red and blue balloons to the light and you are done!

3 Ways to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party 3 Ways to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party

    3. Just let them be kids!

I was so busy chatting with the other mommies that I did not get a picture of the girls having fun making a mess but I got a picture of the mess they made on my porch! They had bubbles, silly string and sidewalk chalk to do with what they liked.  It truly was an amazing Spider-Man birthday Party!

3 Ways to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party

I hope you found this helpful.  I would LOVE to see your photos and hear all about your little Spidey’s day!

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  1. Oh I love the web on the ceiling – it does sound so simple but it looks fantastic! Your cupcakes look so good too! 🙂 Always good to get ideas like this for parties as my boys will be asking for themed parties soon I’m sure! 🙂

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