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Finding the Motivation to Workout

Raise your hand if you like dieting! Everyone sits on hands. Just the word itself is gross isn’t it?! I envision starvation, deprivation, grass, sweat, sad faces, a no fun no joyful existence. Who can even think of finding the motivation to workout with that?!

Finding the Motivation to Workout
Here’s the thing, dieting is temporary. You know I’m right. We can’t wait until our diet is over so we can go back to eating whatever we want again. Every day sweets and fats and alcohol are calling our name and we suffer through saying “only 10 more pounds!” or “just 3 more weeks!” Then what happens? We binge and gain back all that we worked and suffered so hard for.

Stop Dieting!

It is time to turn this around. You are no longer “on a diet” okay? You are now living a healthy lifestyle! You choose to eat the salad instead of the potatoes and you choose to buy the fruit cup instead of the French fries because you LOVE yourself. You are now speaking health and life over your body. Who has time for fatigue and sickness? Not me! Not you!

Does living a healthy lifestyle mean we have to starve and deprive ourselves? Absolutely not! First, starving yourself is not healthy. Just as our vehicles need gasoline to run, our bodies need food to run. Our bodies however need healthy food…fruits, vegetables, non-starchy carbs, good fats, protein and water.

I believe in the 80/20 rule as a good guide for healthy eating. 80 percent of the time you eat healthy and 20 percent of the time you can indulge. You can go to the birthday party and eat a piece of cake. You no longer need to struggle on family trips to the ice cream parlor on a hot summer day between feeling guilt or deprivation. I will warn you now however, once your body begins enjoying the goodness of life (healthy fuel) it will let you know when it does not like you adding anything that doesn’t speak life! Also trust me when I say once you focus on health, the weight will take care of itself.

Set Goals with Rewards

Let’s be honest here. There is not too much, other than some big event like a wedding or high school reunion, which can get you motivated to begin working out and eating healthy. Much like someone quitting cigarettes or drugs you just have to reach that place of being tired of it and sick with yourself for continuing on that path. So I say, just do it! Just start!

Now that you started though how do you keep up the enthusiasm? One way is to sit down and make a list of goals and attach rewards to them. For example, once I lose x amount of weight I will treat myself to a manicure and pedicure. When I get to x amount of weight lost I will get those highlights for my hair I have wanted. I will buy those cute jeans once I have lost x amount of weight. Make sure the reward is what truly motivates you. My only rule is do not reward yourself with food!

Take Before and After Pictures

Oh the power of the camera! This is SO important and I cannot even stress it enough! You may not think 10 pounds is a lot. You may feel like you are just treading water trying to lose this weight. You will want to continue once you see, side by side, your before and after photos however!

When taking your before and after photos wear the same outfit, preferably bra and panties or bathing suit or even sports bra and shorts. Take one photo from the front, one from the side and one from the back.

Finding the motivation to workout

Take Your Measurements

Measuring yourself is just as important of a step as taking your photos. You cannot rely solely on the scale, nor should you! Remember, it’s really about being healthy! However, you will have times when your weight is not moving or it has gone up. This is when measurements can keep you motivated to move forward. We women can gain 5 pounds in one day just due to water, hormones, periods…ick! The scale is not your friend Girl! Just saying!

Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat so while you’re burning fat you are also gaining muscle. Also keep in mind that 5 pounds of muscle takes up less space than 5 pounds of fat. Therefore, you may get on the scale and find the needle isn’t budging but you take your measurements and find you have lost 3 inches! What an amazing feeling!
So what do you measure? Measure your upper arm, chest, waist, hips, booty, and thigh. I recommend measuring at the same time of day each time you measure. Keeping a journal with your measurements, photos, thoughts etc. is a great way to stay on track as well.

Finding the motivation to workout
Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is also a great motivator. You can print pictures off the internet if you like or you can buy magazines and glue pictures on a piece of poster board. What I like to do is create my board with PicMonkey and from my phone, with my Walgreens app, have the photos printed off at the store. Print a big one for your refrigerator and smaller ones for other places like your desk, bathroom, and purse, or wherever you will see it and it will be a reminder for you.

You can create a vision board with pictures of the bodies you want and/or you can make a health board with your goals. My health board has water, fruits and veggies, clean food, weights, meditation, hiking, and health education. Just have fun with it and make it your own and with whatever keeps you moving forward on this amazing journey.

Partner Up

Grab a friend or your spouse to take this journey with you. If you don’t have that then get involved with others taking the same journey. Join a Facebook group, or a meetup group in your community. You can even start your own group! The point is to hold one another accountable, encourage one another, learn from each other and lift each other up.

Finding the motivation to workoutResources

First of all, there is no need to spend big money and time you don’t have on gym memberships! Work with me and I will make your fitness experience fun and totally convenient!

 Coach Brittney Prendergast is a certified health coach with Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy and I highly recommend following her! She also has a book, Buddha Belly, which will educate you about your gut and the connection it has with your mind. She has some really great recipes in this book too. It is truly a great educational easy read! Go buy it!

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