Work With Me

I want to begin by saying a big fat THANK YOU for checking out my Work With Me page and learning how I can help YOU!

Work With Me

Let me ask, what are your thoughts on those in the health and fitness industry pushing shakes and supplements on you? I know I will be unpopular by many for this but…I am instantly turned off! If you are too, then come work with me! I would be SO honored to become your Health and Wellness Coach and help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Work With Me!

You’re probably wondering what working with me to carry out your goals will actually look like, right? Well sit right down girlfriend and let me tell you! First of all, my job is to inspire you to do more than you think you can. Inspiring you to believe in yourself is what I am here for!

Work With Me


Holding you accountable to working out and eat healthy is also part of my job description. No matter what habits we have (eating junk, not working out, smoking, drinking too much etc.) we need others to hold us accountable in our weakness so we can have the results we wish.

Being here for you and helping you on your journey is not just my J-O-B. I am enthusiastic! I am passionate! It’s my heart’s desire to help you shine like the star that you are!

Work With Me

I know what being overweight feels like!

Tired was my middle name for way too long! Do you feel yucky, sick, and disgusted with yourself? I’ve been there! I know how it feels to go into a dressing room at the store and feel completely defeated! Trying to hide in pictures, or not even be a part of photos, is NOT a foreign concept to me!

Whether you want to lose 200 pounds, 50 pounds, or 10 pounds, come join me! If healthier is what you are wanting, come join me! Are you looking to tone up what you already have? Come join me!

Work With Me

How do I sign up?!

I’m sure at this point you are asking yourself “How do I sign up?!” All you have to do is click HERE so I can contact you to get started!Work With MeOnce completed, we will get you started on an amazing journey of movement, healthy eating, healthy mindset, and health education!

P.S. – I will be beginning my certification from an accredited health and wellness academy very shortly and I couldn’t be more excited! Stick with me because this will be an awesome road to travel!

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